About the Pacific Coast Rover Club

  • The Pacific Coast Rover Club has been continually active since 1988.
  • Club members generally reside in Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Western Idaho, or southern British Columbia.

Board of Directors

Club Officers

  • Doug Shipman - President
  • Bryce Oliver - Vice President
  • Jeff Carpenter - Vice President
  • Lou Tauber - Secretary
  • Nick Eckert - Treasurer
  • Wayne and Cathy Phelps - Membership

Regional Coordinators

  • Sunny Freeman - Portland Area
  • Bill Neal - Seattle Area
  • TBD - Central Oregon

All British Field Meet Coodinators

  • Ryan Phelps - Portland ABFM
  • Jeff Carpenter - Portland ABFM

Newsletter Cheif Editor

  • Chris McGrath

Technology Committee

  • Jeff Carpenter - Webmaster
  • Sandro Menzel - E-mail list Management
  • Carl Jonsson - Instagram 
  • Bryce Oliver - Facebook
  • Nick Eckert - Website Design/Function
  • Cathy Phelps - Website Member Management

Our objectives:
  • To promote the Land Rover / Rover tradition.
  • To provide member families with safe enjoyable outdoor experiences.
  • To provide an email list for member communication, technical assistance and a little fun through our newsletter.

Our conduct:

  • Is expected to reflect a mature, responsible attitude at all times and especially dealing with the use of vehicles, firearms, and alcohol.
  • Is expected to be observant of all laws regarding littering and misuse of natural resources. Leave it cleaner than you found it.

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