External Event: NW Overland Rally

  • 20 Jun 2019
  • 23 Jun 2019
  • Plain WA

Visit http://www.nwoverlandrally.com/home.html

What I need to know before coming to the Rally?

Rules on the Field

Vehicle movement on the field is DEAD SLOW. Kids and dogs are everywhere.

Anyone riding a motorbike MUST wear a helmet.

Alcohol and Vehicles do not mix. Period.

Rules for the Technical Course

For Scheduled Activities Only

No Mini Bikes

No Racing

Always to be used under supervision with safety personnel posted

Rally Entrance – 18623 Beaver Valley Road (across from the Old Mill Cafe in Plain WA). The Postal address is Leavenworth if you are entering it into your GPS.

Campfires – We have a central campfire every evening in elevated half-barrels to protect the field. Small propane fires are allowed at individual campsites, but nothing on the ground, as ground- fires will sterilize the field beneath them.

Kids and Dogs - The NW Overland Rally is a kid and dog friendly event. We love both kids and dogs, but we recognize that both need to be managed at a large event. Please keep an eye on your kids, and ensure they don't play in areas where vehicles may be moving about. Dogs must be leashed at ALL times, NEVER left in a locked vehicle (it can get hot very quickly), and PLEASE pick up any poop, regardless of what it comes out of...

Water - There is no potable water on-site. Please bring your own water for cooking and drinking. If you run short, there is a store across the street.

Food - We will have some food vendors on the field as well.

Groceries - There is a little store across the road from the Rally site called Just Plain Grocery & Gas that sells bottled water, basic groceries like bread, milk, eggs, cheese, beer and ice-cream, gas and diesel. Operating Hours are Thurs 8am-7pm, Fri/Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 8am-7pm.If you need more extensive groceries, a large Safeway store is 14 miles away at 116 Riverbend Drive, Leavenworth. Operating Hours: Daily 6am-11pm

Coffee - Next to the store, Plain Hardware sells gourmet coffee from 7am till 5:30pm.

Restaurant - Next to the hardware store is a pleasant local restaurant called the Old Mill Café. Open for dining-in: Thurs-Sun 6am-2pm and for drive-through: Thurs-Sat 3pm-7pm

​Farmer’s Market – Saturday morning from 10am till noon the local farmers market is held in the Hardware store’s parking lot.

Laundromat - Coin-operated and located behind Just Plain Grocery & Gas. Operating hours are the same as Just Plain Grocery & Gas.

Shower - Open-air, solar showers are available on the Rally site. Please note that the water is non-potable. Simple-shower will also be selling their innovative portable showers on the field, warmed by the sun.

Electricity – There is no electricity on the field. We recommend solar power, or a quiet generator if required.

Hookups – There are no RV hookups at the Rally but we do have a large number of porta-potties, including some designated ladies-only. If you would rather camp where there are hookups, the Lake Wenatchee State Park is only 8 miles away. click here for info.

​Weather – The weather in the mountains is unpredictable. It can be hot (90s or 100s) in the day, and cold (30s and 40s) at night, with a chance of rain as well. Bring appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and a hat!

​Insurance – Please note, the Rally does not provide coverage for bodily Injury. Attendees should have their own medical coverage, and attendee vehicles must be fully insured.

​Garbage and recycling – Please pack out what you pack in. Especially recycling. We don’t have the ability to accept recycling so we’d appreciate it if you can bring it home for recycling.

Vehicle Recovery – If you get stuck, don’t worry, there are lots of people around to help, but if your vehicle breaks down, it is your responsibility to get it home.

​Leavenworth – 14 miles from the NW Overland Rally site is the charming Bavarian-style village of Leavenworth, WA. In addition to the Safeway, Leavenworth offers dozens of restaurants, pubs, shopping options, and a great bookstore. It’s a fun place and worth a visit.

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